Day 87, 93km to Canon Roadhouse

Smooth gravel roads, reasonable temperatures, shorter distance and not much climbing. Should be an easy day?
Unfortunately, we had a cold front coming and bringing strong headwind that made for tougher riding.

I left Seeheim roadhouse out the back road. It immediately climbed and I walked part of the first hill. After this
we turned right and into the wind. At first, I could ride ~15km/hour but as it got later the wind strengthened and
it was closer to 10km/hour.

We followed a set of railroad tracks. Otherwise it was flat open terrain without much vegetation to block the wind.
At 40km we crossed over those tracks and looked like there had been recent rollover car accident. Believe all was ok

It was nice to see lunch at 67km. After this we at least had some changing scenery with a shorter climb and then
brief turn away from the wind. The last 10km were again with strong crosswind until reached Canon roadhouse.

The roadhouse has a big interior area with old cars, signs, license plates and other memorabilia. Also serves a good
cheesecake. Our evening was cold and looks like our south wind might have brought colder temperatures.

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