Day 85, 153km to Konkiep Lapa

Today was another challenging ride, particularly before lunch. However, some beautiful views, particularly before lunch.

Overnight I could hear wind in the trees. Checked with the stars and was happy to find it coming from the northeast.
I started cycling in cool morning air. The road was sandy, particularly between 10km and 15km points. I found myself
walking several times. Otherwise it was a slow gradual climb up to a pass at 30km and then a descent after that.

We crossed a broad valley and then by 50km started another climb. Once past 56km we came through some hills with
several sharp climbs. It was however very scenic. The lunch truck was parked beside some of these hills at 79km.
It again took me close to 1pm. Rumor was the road became flat after the next town and even some tailwinds. However,
decided to take it easy for rest of the day.

The road did slowly improve and at 103km it was briefly paved. We stopped in town for coke stop and discovered one of
the battery cables had severed. It took a while to get that fixed. After this drove last bit to camp and was happy
to find camp also had showers. Today the morning was definitely toughest riding though, I’m glad I did this more scenic
bit than the second half.

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