2013 is time for another long bike tour.  This time I want to cycle across Africa with Tour D’Afrique.  Details of the ride will be posted at the web link, but the general idea is to cycle from Cairo, Egypt to Capetown, South Africa between January and May of 2013.  In the process, I add Africa as the fifth continent I’ve cycled across.  The others were North America (1992, 1997, 2001), Australia (2001), Europe (2007) and Asia (2007).

In contrast with my other cross-continent rides, this is a supported ride.  It is good and bad to have logistics taken care of.  On the positive side the task becomes somewhat simpler: show up and ride, while others help with details.  On the other hand, one has less flexibility to adjust.  For example, if you have troubles – you’ll ride the truck rather than solve through them yourself or wait until you fix yourself or your bike.

I’ve ridden with TDA before, in 2007 on a ride across China.  That worked well enough that I actually put down a deposit for the 2013 TDA way back in November 2007.  That makes more than five years prior to the trip to anticipate and otherwise plan for the trip.  Yet, somehow not sure it makes me any more ready than those that spontaneously decide to join.

After TDA, my plan is to take some more time, perhaps 4-6 weeks and do a longer ride that has been on my list but not done yet.  Exact location will probably not be determined until Nairobi as I see how TDA goes but so far the primary candidates are:

  • Cycling the Trans-Labrador Highway
  • Going back to Russia – the road across Eastern Siberia is now paved and there is a 260km segment missing
  • Flying to Columbia and getting a feel for riding in South America
  • Deciding by Nairobi that TDA2013 will be enough and coming home after the trip.

That is however getting ahead of myself and the primary focus is setting up for best TDA ride I can.

Updated March 4th: Plans for after TDA are coming together. They include:

  • Spend several days in Cape Town after the tour being a local tourist.
  • Fly back to Portland, OR in USA. Portland is a familar city and good place to arrive with only a bicycle. I’ll get the bicycle tuned, mail home some gear and get ready for further riding in USA.
  • Do the “Bicycle Tour of Colorado” organized ride the last week of June. Between Portland arrival and BTC, I’ll ride my Africa bike from Portland to Colorado.
SegmentDatesDistanceRiding Days
Cairo to KhartoumJanuary 11th to 30th1955km15
Khartoum to Addis AbabaFebruary 1st to 18th1604km15
Addis Ababa to NairobiFebruary 20th to March 9th1687km16
Nairobi to MbeyaMarch 11th to 23rd1211km10
Mbeya to LilongweMarch 25th to March 31st750km6
Lilongwe to Victoria FallsApril 3rd to 11th1213km8
Victoria Falls to WindhoekApril 14th to 24th1541km10
Windhoek to CapetownApril 26h to May 11th1732km14
To be AnnouncedMay 12th to June 30th??


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  1. Hi Mike I like your blog. My son left Indy airport Sunday headed for Egypt for the tour of Africa. It looks like it will be easy for me to follow you all on your blog. You will probably run in to Mike Lantz in the next day or so. Myra Lantz

  2. Hi Mike
    Excellent detailed and informative blog of your trip, as usual! Came across your blog site because it turns out Phil on your trip is boyfriend of our friend Ann here in Christchurch NZ. Small world!
    Trip looks fantastic. Enjoy!

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