June 14th, 91 miles to Maybell

Today crossed the border into Colorado. This morning as I was leaving Vernal, Erik cycled out the first five miles through town. After leaving town, it was mostly downhill to the Green River at Jensen. The river was wide and I stopped briefly first at a gas station and then across the bridge.

After leaving the river, there was a gentle climb over a hill and then more climbing. A total of 1200ft from the river to town of Dinosaur. Along the way, at 31.5 miles I came to the sign at the Colorado border. Stopped briefly for a photo and then cycled into Dinosaur. There was a Colorado Welcome Center here and a few gas station businesses as well as a motel.

After this took the US40 out of town. There was a slight headwind, but fortunately not too hot. The first miles were gentle grades, but at 55 miles it started climbing. Not very steep, but rest of the route had quite a few hills to climb up and over. Eventually, climbed out of the drainage I was in and could see the Yampa River to the North. However, rather than descending on any single drainage to the Yampa, it seemed to cross multiple ones, going downhill for a bit and then uphill again. Close to Maybell there was a sign for the “I do” fire.

At 90 miles there was one remaining descent and town of Maybell in distance. Here was a small motel, a cafe and a small convenience store. Visited all three and relaxed after a 91 mile day where the last 36 miles had most of the hill climbing.

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