Day 89, 133km to Springbok

Goodbye Namibia, hello South Africa! This morning we had our last border crossing. They get easier and less expensive as you go along. Otherwise it was a day on well paved highways with some climbing and more tailwinds than headwinds.

Our first 10km were along the Orange River. Workers were out walking on the road on way to jobs in the vineyards. At 12km we went through the Namibia exit station. We cycled across the bridge and then came to South Africa for entry. Yeah!

South Africa started similar to Namibia with a well-paved highway going through the desert. Trucks and cars drive reasonably fast but all still pretty easy. From 15km to 50km we had a long gradual ascent. It started going through canyon areas but then opened up to tilted open country. Time to put things in lower gear and slowly ride up the hill.

After 50km the terrain was more rolling hills. We briefly turned west shortly before lunch and were treated to both tailwinds and downhill into our lunch stop. After lunch, it kept with rolling terrain and I was a bit slower riding this stretch. My brakes started making interesting noises. First when I applied the rear brake and then even when I didn’t. Last bit into Springbok was down a hill and into a caravan park. Happy to get into camp.

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