Day 83, 83km to Sesriem

Today was a fun ride. A little shorter than average and the gravel had less soft sand than previous two days.

We got off just as sun was rising. This meant shades of red and purple on the mountains ahead. The road started out
well graded and was quick to travel. At 15km we started a 30km time trial. This route was mostly flat, though did
go over a low hill with quicker downhill. At the 40km mark, stopped to watch some giraffes cross the road and then
stand over on the right. At 45km was end of the time trial and also lunch.

After lunch was point of a different TDA tradition, “the Naked Mile”. Many of the men had already gone in a good
and the women were collecting together waiting for the rest to go. I undressed behind the truck and rode on for 3km
before getting dressed again. Not long enough to worry about extra sun burn. Photo below was evening before when
staff decided to serve dinner aprons only.

It was warm in the afternoon, but otherwise good cycling and was still early on arrival into Sesriem. Looking forward
to a rest day and chance to explore the dunes. My brother Tom turns 45 tomorrow so this gives me an excuse to visit dune 45.


Day 83, 83km to Sesriem — 2 Comments

  1. Beste neef, geniet je morgen zelf ook op duin nummer 50! Van harte met deze bijzondere dag. Groet, W&A

    • Bedankt. Zal ook kijken voor #50. Ze krijgen naamen van de kilometres en #45 is de bekende.