Day 67, 104km to Lusaka

Today was a ride to capital of Zambia. We have a rest day here tomorrow. We still have some rolling hills,
but nothing that required my lower gears. I also think we must keep going to drier areas but the heavy dew
last night wasn’t consistent. Fortunately, we haven’t had daytime rains.

Last night was my second turn to do dishes. A few more pots than before but nothing too bad. Overnight some
of the swelling on my leg went down, but I could still feel the leg – so decided to keep taking it easy with
a half day riding today. No pain while riding, though after arriving I could tell I had an active afternoon
at the mall here in Lusaka. Also on ride board in the red heart is a reference to Kevin and Silvia who are
leaving the trip here. They are from Canada and Switzerland, met on the trip and became a close couple. Taking
off from the tour to instead spend time together. Both very nice people (and also very helpful to me when my
leg was so painful) and I wish them the best together.

The photo below shows the lunch truck in early morning light. When you take the truck to lunch, it ends up being
a 5:45am breakfast and a 8:30am lunch. The road was smooth except for a few instances of speed bumps. A little
more traffic on the road but overall polite, except for the occasional honk of “get over to the left”.

We came through a few small towns and also the vegetables in picture below. Red row is tomatoes all neatly
arranged. Temperature was almost ideal as I cycled the last bits (45km of 104km cycled today) and then into
town. The last kilometers the road became a divided road with two lanes each way. After that saw our hotel
on the side and came in to get a room.

My thermarest mattress had developed a slow leak at the school for the deaf in Ethiopia. Most likely I camped
on top of some thorns. On rider, Lindsey, was leaving here so I purchases his thermarest, will be nice to sleep
entire night in luxury. Afterwards, I caught local transport (3 kwatcha) to the mall and did an investigation
of what is here. After that, back to rest my leg as well as type in some things for internet upload as looks
like might finally have some connections here.

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