Day 63, 152km to Chipata

Today a border crossing into Zambia. A longer ride but the hills seemed to flatten with 800m of climbing spread through

My leg was hurting much less, but on consultation with the medics, decided better to let things really heal rather than prematurely jump back on the bike and re-infect everything. The leg was also still visibly swollen and it did hurt if I stood for too long.

Early in the morning, I returned back to the TDA camp site with few others. I packed the tent I had left there, loaded the truck and then listed to the post-rest-day rider meeting. We also have seven new sectional riders so a pretty full contingent here.

The truck drove out of town and then a quick stopover at 80km at lunch truck before continuing to the border at 115km.
Here my yellow fever registration number was recorded, stamps made and $50 visa paid for Zambia. Also exchanged money
with some money exchangers. There was brief hestation here since Zambia is changing currency with the old kwatcha valued at 5400 for one US $ and the new one at 5.4 for one us $. So didn’t want to end up with the wrong bills – but all seems to have been done fairly.

Zambia already felt more prosperous than Malawi. Tin roofs on houses, satellite dishes and nice looking private cars
are a few examples. The camp was also a nice spot where set up the tent and read in the afternoon.

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