Day 3, 134km to desert camp

Not a lot of photos today. Partially since the tail winds just kept pushing us along the Red Sea. Also because some sand got into my good camera and it wasn’t functioning as well.

However, an easy and fast day that had me finish by 1pm and get into camp. We were camped beside an oil pipeline pump station and in shelter of a strong wind. The road is a four lane divided highway with good shoulder. We passed a toll booth at 24km and were able to just ride through. We’ve got Egyptian police escort and they followed me for perhaps 30km of the time. I tried stopping to see if they would pass, but they politely waited and sometimes a drove a little further back as I could see in my mirror.

I made it to lunch truck by 10am and by camp by 1pm after another easy and wind blown day. Now time to try the solar charger and see how well can load some of the electronics.

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