Wheel building class

This past weekend I took a two day weekend intensive wheel building class from http://www.sugarwheelworks.com/.  It was a hands on class where one could end up with a nice new set of wheels.  I ordered parts for two (rear) wheels, though only built up one of them.  The second will remain as separate spokes, rim and hub to take with me on TDA and build if necessary.

The class was well done and I enjoyed it.  Still trying to remember the specifics of how to lace a wheel so get that right.  I was a bit slow on truing up the wheel but felt like I ended up with good sequence of steps to review.  In case of emergency I could probably match an existing wheel though a more experienced builder would be better.  I also might see about getting a real truing stand so can get some more experience.

Will I be building many more wheels?  Probably not and that experience is probably what would help me most.  However, might be tempted to even give something a try and see if I can slowly get some better experience.  Also be in a better position on the road as well.

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