First training ride on new bike

The new Trek bike and wheels is a smooth ride.  I did a ride back from Salem to try everything out.

I started the ride Saturday night with a train trip from Portland to Salem.  From here a mile to the Howard Johnsons and overnight.  Time for sunrise was 6:45am but I was on the road before then.  Not that I actually saw much of the sun on this ride.  Initially it was cloudy and misty, just enough to collect on my glasses to make it hard to see – but not enough to really worry about getting cold or wet.

I followed 99E from Salem and the first 30 miles or so is pretty flat.  The bike rode well.  I experimented with putting on/off the suspension lock.  On the flat stretches didn’t make much difference since my weight keeps the suspension mostly in one spot anyways.  The hand positions are comfortable.  I’m still a bit cautious on downhills and disc brakes seem to be better stopping power than cantilever.

At 18 miles I made a short stop for breakfast.  After this another 9 miles to Canby and there I found the back roads to the ferry.  I was the only vehicle on the ferry and the ride was free.  Can’t make much money with that business model.  There was another cyclist on the other side to take back.  After this more hills to climb: mountain road and then via Lake Oswego.

Overall a good ride.  Specifics can be seen on Garmin web site:

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