TDA 2011 reaches Cape Town

Today the TDA 2011 trip reaches Cape Town for an official finish.  I’ve followed along with a few blogs, living vicariously as this years cyclists follow the TDA route.  I’m also learning a little more about specifics of the route and things along the way.  It has been fun to watch the photos appear and imagine what these travels might be.

In last week, I’ve also slowly added a few things to that initial web site.  Experimenting with various WordPress themes and plugins.  I have some time, but want to get the right things set up to keep an interesting site.  One area I haven’t quite gotten working is better photo uploads.  I have a forthcoming six week trip to India that I’ll use to experiment with some photos and blog posts.

Another important milestone is that the cat is slightly more out of the bag at work.  We’ve set things up for a more significant transition of our team to be working on new projects while we simultaneously move that related work offshore.  Plan called for eventually myself to be the only one left.  My boss suddenly realized that this could be cause of anxiety for myself.  However, I reassured him and also let it out of the bag that this was fine if I worked myself out of a job since I was already thinking of future plans in 2013.

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