This page will summarize my equipment, for now started with recommended list from TDA.

Passport including visas for Sudan and EthiopiaAlso include visa fees of $50-$100 for initial countries, e.g. Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi.
USB drive with key documentsAlso useful to email to yourself.
Bicycle Geargear brush
Bicycle GearpumpTopeak Road Morph held up well.
Bicycle Gearchamois creamWasn't used, but instead given to another rider.
Bicycle GearcamelbackAfter 120 days interesting things can grow in a Camelbak. Next time bring cleaning agents.
Bicycle Gearshop towels/rags5
Bicycle Gearhelmet
Bicycle Gearpatch kits5Had two flat tires entire trip, but some riders had up to 30. Africa has thorns.
Bicycle Gearcycle lock
Bicycle Gearcycling gloves2 pairLong fingered gloves very useful in South Africa at end.
Bicycle GearOdometerBrought three which was overkill but GPS odometer uses power and so two were helpful to keep recharged.
Bicycle Gearchain lube/degreaser2
Bicycle GearBike headlamp, flashing tail lightFlashing tail light used for fog in Namibia and sand storm in Sudan.
Bicycle Geartire levers
Bicycle Partstires2 marathon+
1 dureme
1 mondial
Marathon+ worked well for thorns.
Bicycle PartsCablesDerailleur cable, brake cable kits.Didn't use, but after sand storm some riders had cable issues.
Bicycle Partschain ringsReplaced middle chain ring along the way.
Bicycle Partsbrake pads3Used all three sets of spares.
Bicycle Partsspare tubes8Only two flat tires, but this was less than aveerage.
Bicycle Partscassette2Used one 2/3 of way through trip.
Bicycle Partsspare chains3Used one 2/3 of way through trip.
Bicycle Partsbottom bracketDidn't use.
Bicycle Partsderailleur hangerUsed one in Addis Adaba. Not expensive or large so next time I'd bring two.
Bicycle Partsseat post clamp/post/saddle?Not used, but would still bring.
Bicycle PartsMechanical disc brakeBackup for hydraulicsNot used
Bicycle Toolsmulti-tool
Bicycle Toolschain break
Bicycle ToolsPedal wrenchfor flying
Campingsolar charger3.5WGoal Zero worked well
CampingSleeping bag to 0CCats Meow 20FWarm enough. TDA suggest down to 0C though it did get close to that temperature a few times and was happy with something slightly warmer.
CampingTentQuarterdome T2 plusZippers didn't quite work the same after sand storm and failed entirely after three months.
Campingnotebook and pens
CampingDuct tape
CampingKnife, fork, spoon, plate, cup bowlLost my bowl and bought a replacement.
CampingRope and clothes pins
Campingbaby wipesVery useful
CampingTent repair kitZippers were my issue, not nylon repair. Next time I'd bring safety pins.
CampingSleeping bag liner
CampingLuggage lockUseful in the truck.
CampingSleeping padThermarestAfrica has thorns, so developed leak in Ethiopia and would be flat by morning. Those with small cots did better.
CampingDr Bonners SoapclothesCold water clothes detergent readily available along the way.
Campinginflatable pillowDeveloped holes from camping on thorns.
CampingTent footprintQuarterdome T2 plus
Clothing - off bikeunderwear
Clothing - off bikelight fleece1Lost it in Egypt and was badly needed by Namibia. Bought a new one.
Clothing - off bikeshorts2 pair
Clothing - off bikelong sleeve shirts2
Clothing - off bikebelt1Have extra holes if you lose weight 🙂
Clothing - off bikesketchers hiking shoesMy primary shoes, next time I'll bring more shoes.
Clothing - off bike1 sun hat
Clothing - off bikeshort sleeve shirts3
Clothing - off bikeswim trunks
Clothing - off bikelong pants
Clothing - on bike3 pairs cycling socks
Clothing - on bikecycling shorts3Brought four pair but lost one with hotel laundry.
Clothing - on bikewind breaker1
Clothing - on bikecycling tights1
Clothing - on bikecycling jersey3 short sleeve
Clothing - on bikesun glassesprescription
Clothing - on bikerain jacketColumbia
Clothing - on bikecycling sandals
Electronicselectric outlet adaptersNamibia and South Africa have type of plug I didn't originally bring. Bought it along the way.
ElectronicscameraThree cameras jammed due to sand/rain. Next time will look at dust proof camera.
Electronicscell phoneUseful for web updates. Got SIM cards in all 10 countries.
Medicalchap stick
MedicalaleveDidn't use
MedicaldeetDidn't use though were places it might have been helpful.
Medicalband aids
MedicalimodiumOnly used twice.
MedicalRe-hydration salts Very useful in Sudan.
Medicalmoney belt
Medicalsun lotion
MedicalVaccinations booklet and yellow fever certificate
MedicalMedical & travel insurance policy
Miscellaneous6-10 passport photosAfter Sudan visa in Cairo, didn't need these.

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