Plans for a short epilogue trip after TDA

Departure day in Cape Town, it will soon be farewell (for now) Africa and hello Portland.

My plan is to do my own self-supported ride through some of the western USA before returning to work in Austin. Depending on how quickly I can get the bike serviced and get back on the road, this should leave ~30 cycling days until last week of June. During the last week of June, plan is to ride the “Bicycle Tour of Colorado” (link) and then fly to Austin on June 30th to return to work on July 1st.

I’ve plotted out an approximate route along with rough time frames that should be possible in 30 days along with leaving a few options to alter things if it goes awry. ¬†Should be slightly less than 2000 miles.

  • Portland, OR to Eureka, CA = 6 days
  • Eureka, CA to Reno, NV = 5 days
  • Reno, NV to Delta, UT = 7 days
  • Delta, UT to Moab, UT = 3 days
  • Moab, UT to Fort Collins, CO = 6 days
  • Extra contingency days = 3 days


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