Day 94, 90km to Cape Town

We have arrived in Cape Town!

Four months, sandstorm in Sudan, riots in Zambia, two broken rims, two flat tires, one infected leg, one broken hub, two non-working tent zippers, heat exhaustion in Sudan, many stones in Ethiopia, elections in Kenya, mud in Tanzania, hustlers in Egypt, a naked mile in Namibia, an old ferry across Lake Nassar, three broken cameras…and it now comes to completion.

It was a fun ride today. First 61 km of highway to a beach where we assembled, had lunch and took photos. Next almost 30km of convoy that became progressively more interesting as we used dedicated bus lanes and police were stopping traffic as we went through heart of the city. Finally into waterfront district, on a path and under a finish banner. We celebrated and gave well deserved awards for race winners and efi. Tonight a dinner and then will be complete.

Below some photos of the participants.

Those who cycled EFI

Winners of the women’s race

Winners of the men’s race


Our ceremony in at the waterfront in Cape Town


Day 94, 90km to Cape Town — 4 Comments

  1. Hi I am Anne Cooks brother. Thanks for having such a great blog during the trip. We have checked it at least 2 times a day to keep up with the groups progress and to see your great photos.
    Rob, Gisela & Emily Cook

  2. Hello, I am the mother from Sybille; first I want to thank you for your great, interesting and informative blog. We looked also for the last photos from cape town, but unfortunately we don’t see Sybille.
    Best regards
    Werner & Jutta

    • Thank you. Sybille was in our group photos, but unfortunately I also don’t have those since I was in them as well.