Chitimba Rest Day

We are camped at a beach resort on shores of Lake Malawi. Beautiful last night with moon almost full. Also had a good solid tropical downpour overnight.

When sixty tech-savy cyclists arrive at these small hotels, we seem to stress all the systems. Limited internet gets tested with variety of computers, ipads and other devices. We’ve got a healthy appetite so kitchen is kept full. The few rooms available get snapped up quickly by first to camp. However, beautiful and peaceful place to be. My laundry is mostly clean from two days ago, so a few bike chores to do and otherwise a chance to kick back and relax before an almost 500km ride to Lilongwe over the following four days. As we leave the lake we’ll climb up the escarpment and have more rolling terrain.

So far we’ve had ~150km of cycling in Malawi. It has been warm and humid, particularly mid-day. Along the lake we saw rice and tropical fruits. This is a poorer country than (southern) Kenya and Tanzania. We see fewer school uniforms and fewer speed bumps in towns. There are more signs from foreign aid donors and the kids are more likely to yell “money”. However, still better behaved than children in Ethiopia.

My bike has been riding well. A US sectional rider (Ben) joined us in Arusha. He brought with him an extra rim. Thanks to his efforts and also Sugar Wheel Works for getting me this spare. He also brought an extra lockout on my front suspension. Not yet installed (we also keep mechanics busy and additional items ahead in the queue).

Photos and other web updates will wait until have a better internet connection but otherwise having fun in southern part of Africa.


Chitimba Rest Day — 2 Comments

  1. Hi mike
    Still enjoying your blog, we don’t hear too much from my brother John ,he is biking too hard. We are currently on holiday in Sri Lanka,and getting Internet access here is tough at times,I am impressed you manage to do provide so much information with your system.keep up the good work,looking forward to the next lot of photos
    Cheers Anne faulkner

    • Thanks Anne. John has been relaxing well at same hotel I’ve been at these two days. He is definitely out there riding hard each and every day and I admire him for that. (Still looking for a reasonable wifi upload for photos – been waiting for a while now).