Day 54, 125km to Biti Manyanga

Rain! Last night it rained for solid 12 hours. For a brief period around 4am or 5am the rain stopped and I was hopeful it might dry up. Alas, by breakfast a light shower had started again.

I got my bike together and was one of the first on the road by 7am. I took it slow and cautious trying to pick my path on hard packed bits and avoid sliding sideways and keeping out of the puddles. On the ascents this wasn’t too bad, but on descents I was particularly careful. As a result most riders passed me.

The rain continued and at 19km I walked a short stretch of hill under rain while heard the truck come past. Decided to take it as an excuse to make a rain day today. There were three already on the dinner truck and by time we arrived in camp there would be eleven as others had similar idea. It did look like eventually after lunch the sun did come out and it dried up more. I know 125km of off-road would have been challenging without rain, so was happy to have taken an easier ride today. Below a few photos taken along the way
Bikes out at lunch, mud everywhere.

Back in camp, enterprising teens set up to wash bicycles for 1000 shillings (60 cents); many riders took them up on the offer.

Hats off to those who cycled all day. Here is James with big grin on his face as he arrives at camp.

Taking photos of the kids would collect a big crowd when you showed them the resultant photos.

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