Day 52, 104km to game post #1

Rain last night and rain this afternoon as I write this entry. Hence the road was wet with puddles as we started off road. However, the road conditions were still reasonable and this was easier off road than we’ve had before.
Today the ride had two distinct parts. The first 61km was mostly flat and on the main road. It was paved. It was fast riding, though there were also a reasonable number of trucks coming past. By 10:30am I was at the turnoff in photo below and at lunch.

There is a fair amount of vegetation here and overall lush compared with further north. Also see crops including corn, sunflowers and others. There were a few villages we crossed and in Tanzania they put a set of four speed bumps very close together on the road entering and leaving the villages.

At 61km the road changed to dirt. There were still puddles on the road but not too difficult to find a path to ride. At 85km was Itigi village as well as a coke stop. Below Naomi, Diederick and I stopped in the village.

After this, the sun even came out for a while. This was good for drying off the tent when set up. All was dry not too long before we got afternoon rains. Below shows a local on their bike.

Sheltering from the rain.


Day 52, 104km to game post #1 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Mike
    Super great journey. I’m envious. That’s just my style. Your parents were in kona and gave me your card. Only another traveler can understand a journey like that. Went on the transsiberian train from Beijing to st Petersburg in 08. This year is Iceland/ Greenland. Not as exciting as yours.
    Happy trails.