Day 51, 119km to Puma Camp

Beautiful! Today was a scenic ride with wide open views. I particularly enjoyed the morning with corn and sunflower fields and views of the valley below.

Careful leaving camp as there were many thorns. Have “goat heads” in Tanzania too. Cycled through Katesh and mostly downhill for the first 10km. After this a big hill that was slow to climb but at the top some great views of overall countryside. We could see back to Katesh and the mountain behind it. Photos below show Francine, Omar and Chris as they came past.

Fields of sunflowers and corn. Once on the ridge, we had mixture of descent and ascent with good views throughout. We came past half a dozen villages and locals were friendly but not too pushy. It was great ride to lunch at 69km.

After lunch some more rolling hills and a roundabout at 77km. We gradually came to the larger town of Singida with a big descent at 86km and then some roads that kept us from going right through middle of the city. It got a bit warm and had one coke stop before leaving the city.
By 100km I was back to rolling hills and larger road heading south out of town. We came past some very interesting rock formations and then last few km before finding our way to camp. In the evening we had rain showers come through. Tomorrow we start off road, so will see how much rain we get there.
; camp

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