Arusha rest days and safari

Had a fun safari on our three rest days. Tomorrow back on the bikes with eight days of cycling to Mbeya, much of it off road. Rainy season has started with occasional downpours. There could be some mud. The photos below are some of my favorite photos taken on safari

Zebras at Manyara park

Alex discovers to turn off flash before photographing baboons

In the morning an elephant came and visited the water tank


Hippos out of the water

Hippos in the pond


Lions, all of them we saw were in deep slumber like this

Hyena beside the road

Ali, Lizzie and Lindsey show how the safari vehicle works, looking out the top


Little wildebeest

Ngorogoro crater showing plains with many animals

Going on safari is hard work

Elephant parade



; giraffes

This elephant trumpeted loudly as we startled it

Martin shows a large tortise

Mid day and time for elephants to take break in the shade


; impala

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