Day 48, 118km to Arusha

Welcome to Tanzania! Today we crossed the border to our 5th country. These border crossings are getting easier.
Humidity was high, but we didn’t get rain overnight. It may be start of the rainy season which could get interesting for upcoming off-road sections. It was only 4km from camp to the border. Filled out my yellow form to exit Kenya and my blue form to enter Tanzania. Got the requisite stamps and payed $100 visa fee and I was done. I also exchanged shillings (Kenya) for shillings (Tanzania). This task took perhaps an extra hour but then I was back on smooth roads going into Tanzania. We had some gentle grades and wide sweeping views.

Stopped at 30km with a few others at local village, partially to see new rate of what a drink costs.

It got warmer after this and at 60km we had some climbs. The climb continued through lunch at 71km and then came to top of the hill at 81km. Here we had slight downhill before descending into Arusha around 108km. Arusha is larger sprawling city and we went through town for 10km or so.
Five of us are signed up for a safari tour for next three days. I don’t have cell coverage yet, so may be a while before everything is posted.

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