Day hike in Mt Kenya National Park

Today eight riders including myself went to Mt Kenya National Park for a day hike. We hired a guide (the way things are done here) and got a minibus ride to the park gate at elevation 2650 meters. From here we hiked 9km up to Moses Camp (traditionally the first camp if you are climbing) at elevation 3300 meters. We then hiked 3km further to a ridge at approximately 3850 meters of elevation. Hence, our total distance was ~15 miles (24km) with an elevation gain of ~4000ft (1200m).

It was a fun hike, though walking back was surprised at how long the return seemed. We got some good views of Mt Kenya as well as trail hiking without devoting our entire rest period to a summit hike. The highest summit that is non-technical is 4985 meters high. Overall a fun though longer day. Some images of the hike below:

The entrance gate

We crossed the equator, sun was better on the Northern Hemisphere side of the sign but we actually crossed north to south

Hiking started on a road

Highest point (still a ways to the real peaks)

Baboon on the way back

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