Day 15, 89km to Khartoum

We made it to big capital city of Khartoum. The last 20km were very built up and sharp contrast from our desert cycling single Dongola. The camp last night was pleasant and much better than our sandstorm the night before.

This morning the schedule had an individual time trial starting at 5km past start. I cycled there waited until my turn and then set up. We had slight tailwinds and so riding was pretty easy. I covered the 25km in 45:09 minutes which got me 26th place on a 29 person men level. Not particularly fast for time trial, but also faster than I’d normally ride through. That got us a good step on way to lunch stop.

Gradually landscapes became busier with some commercial farms and also passed a prison and a group of soldiers out for a run with drill Sargent poking with stick to keep group together. Also stopped to get this bush. There is a general sense that things just get thrown away which means trash sometimes accumulates. Not too bad in vast expanses of desert but more noticeable with more people.

We gathered together for lunch and then once again a convoy cycling into big city. Saw multi-story buildings for first time in a while, also traffic lights. Ours was a procession complete with blaring sirens and even a TV truck recording our entry. As we got close we crossed the Nile into central business district. Wound our way through busy parts and then eventually to spot for the camp site.

I decided to splurge and get a hotel as it might offer a good hot shower, chance to catch up this blog on the internet and otherwise relax to get ready for next stages ahead. Eventually might even go be a tourist (once my bike is clean and tuned up), though also taking a bit of relaxation as well.

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