Day 13, 143km to Desert Camp

Sandstorm! Second half of the day we cycled through blowing and drifting sand. Again blessed by tailwinds. However, now sand everywhere and quite dirty.

Day started with normal light tailwind. The first 50km were a settled region and there were also local passenger cars on the road (unlike some places earlier). A 48km we crossed a big roundabout and headed into a 300k cutoff across the desert to Khartoum. Fortunately, our winds mostly shifted with us. Unfortunately, also picked up sand and started to get in the eyes. Lunch was quick and then a whole crew huddled from the wind at 115km coke stop. We realized camp probably wouldn’t be more pleasant.

However, eventually one by one back on the road and that last 25km to camp. As expected, high winds. Perhaps could wait to set up the tent? Eventually a little before dinner, with some help got the tent set up. After dinner, got in the tent to anchor it and heard the winds blow away. After having previous camera get sand-logged, decided to be a little more careful with pictures this time.

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