Day 12, 140km to Dead Camel Camp

Rested and ready to go, we set off in morning south from Dongola. Once again, beautiful smooth road, this time with villages and river on our left. It seemed we have shifted from more rocky desert to more sandy desert. I also saw some collections of live camels and also a few dead ones along the road.

We had tailwinds starting out, so again smooth riding. Wee! It was easy way to reach lunch by 11am. Fortunately we also had fewer flies today.

After lunch, the road shifted and we had more mixture of winds including some head winds. It also got warm again. I saw a huge pod of camels and others had seen them cross. I’ve been able to post updates with mobile phone and was able to refresh at 97km and then came into our named “Dead Camel Camp” grinding out the last 40km. Fortunately, in evening more pleasant temperatures. Also nearby a small mosque that seemed to be mostly unused, though still ready for service. Also a big road grader.


Day 12, 140km to Dead Camel Camp — 1 Comment

  1. Hi James, dear greetings from Germany. My English is not so good, but I think you’ll understand. I follow the TDA 2013 in several blogs. You are always the fastest. Your descriptions and your photos are just great. Have a good trip