Aswan Ferry, day one

Today was our day to set off on the ferry for Sudan, a but of a different adventure with some “hurry up and wait” and only 17km of cycling.

We packed up our camp and then waited for our police escort to arrive. The escort was needed to bring us across the Aswan Dam and High Dam and we were cautioned to avoid photos of either dam.

A slow and steady convoy brought us across both dams and then to the port. Different officials tussled with each other as they figured out how to handle the group. For example, one official told us to line up the bikes on side so they could count them while a different official herded us through a narrow gate to count. One wanted us to go through one entryway while another motioned us the other direction. However, all was sorted out soon enough and by 11am we started to board, bikes first.

Not much difficulty to corral all the bikes in one area. We’d reserved first class cabins with two bunks for three people. The idea was that others could go atop the decks.

That worked fairly well, though unfortunately a larger part of the group was chased away from front of the boat only after all places were taken, so it was back to cabins. Fortunately, a few had made cubbyholes in back as well.

They served a meal. I risked it and ate that meal, despite having my own food as well. Finally five hours after we first boarded, and after the ship had been packed even tighter, the horn tooted and we were off.

The boat itself isn’t extremely large, with a bottom area with 2nd class seats, an upper deck with our cabins. On lower deck is also some form of dining area. On top of all decks are the areas packed with boxes and passengers. Our last day in Egypt and on to Sudan.

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