Rest Day, Luxor

Caitlin rebuilt my back wheel, certainly appreciate that. Also been in touch with Sugar Wheel Works and again very appreciative of assistance in getting a new rim. If I can find sectional rider joining in Nairobi willing to bring my rim, that would be wonderful. For now, I’ll be riding even more carefully over those speed bumps. I took things for short test ride and also decided to put just slightly less pressure in the tires (60 psi instead of 75 psi).

Also a note that Tour D’Afrique has posted race results. You’ll see that I and many others aren’t really racing (and also 12 people not timing at all, so not on the list). As expected I’m on the slower side, slow but steady. Folks clock in at different times, so this doesn’t actually mean completion times.

Below a few photos from being a tourist and our rest day. Karnak Temple is pretty spectacular.

Staff at work in the office.

The week ahead.

Mock up model of Karnak Temple, this one is big and old, dating back from the middle kingdom.

Huge pillars at Karnak (this was most impressive place to wander through)

Can you tell I was impressed with the pillars

Tourist area, unfortunately tourist economy has been down, so a lot more vendors than tourists in some places.

Also a day for laundry

In main square near Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple overview including mosque

Luxor Temple

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