My bicycle

I now almost have a bicycle set up for TDA 2013.  Photo below is my new bike atop Mount Tabor in Portland.  It is a Trek 4500 which comes with a locking front suspension fork and a large 24 inch frame.  I replaced the saddle with a Brooks and added bar end extenders to give me additional hand positions.  Not yet on the bike, but on order are a new stronger set of wheels with 40 spokes in back and 36 spokes in front.  I also put on a basic rack on back.

The bike rides well and I’m getting some training runs on it around Portland.  General idea is to get some miles on it this year and make sure all will be ok.  I expect that to be the situation, but just in case, I’ve also got two backup candidates

This post is also an experiment to see how I can add photos both to the photo gallery and reference them in posts such as this one.

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