Lilongwe Rest Days

Resting hard in Lilongwe 🙂 We have a double rest day here in the capital of Malawi. Despite being capital and city of ~600,000 it is still pretty quiet and spread out.

I had a cut in back of my right leg that was almost healed, but just last day or two before Lilongwe it seemed to get infected. The leg swelled up and was a bit painful to stand or walk. Advice was to stay off it and elevate it. We also stopped by local clinic for blood test and to screen for other things (e.g. malaria) and started a local anti-biotic So I found a hotel close to the TDA camp and read and rested the first day. My legs were still different sizes on first day, but on second day the anti-biotic seems to be helping. Otherwise having quiet restful days in Lilongwe.

Later in day with consultation of our medics, I will likely not ride tomorrow. Leg is getting better but not there yet. First priority it to get that well enough on way to healing but I’m eagerly looking forward to being able to be back on the bike again.

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