Ride distances projected from 2012

TDA has let us know the rest days and locations for our trip.  They match exactly with locations for the 2012 trip.  I recorded a schedule and distances from that trip and hence expect riding distances will be similar this year:

  • 25 days – 0 km riding (with an extra rest day added in Aswam)
  • 2 days – <50km riding; both of these total 20km and are otherwise on the Aswan Ferry
  • 1 day – 50km to 69km riding
  • 10 days – 70km to 89km riding
  • 21 days – 90km to 109km riding
  • 22 days – 110km to 129km riding (median distance is 125km)
  • 19 days – 130km to 149km riding
  • 13 days – 150km to 169km riding
  • 7 days – >170km riding

Those keeping careful count will notice that I am missing 1 of the 121 days.  That is because TDA chose to take a bus for 185km across small part of Northern Kenya for security reasons.  I hope this year the situation is better and we are able to ride that stretch.

It is a little daunting, not because I haven’t done similar distances on extended basis but more because we need to keep this consistently day after day on rougher roads and also because I anticipate being a slower rider and hence need to make sure I keep enough speed/daylight to finish the very longest segments.

However, that is all part of the fun and adventure!


Ride distances projected from 2012 — 1 Comment

  1. It’s pretty daunting isn’t it! I’m kinda worried about being slow and catching the sunset also but i’m sure there will be everyone from fast racers to slow and steady riders. It’s still gonna be a great few months!