Bicycle Tour of Colorado

June 16th to 23rd, did a supported ride with Bicycle Tour of Colorado.  This one was on touring bike but still gave a good idea on some preparation and training items still to do.

I took a new tent on this ride, a Big Agnes, Wyoming:  It is an interesting tent since the vestibule is 39sf and larger than the tent part.  This gives me a “garage” to park the bike and a 7lb tent isn’t completely outlandish if someone else is carrying the gear.  The tent worked fairly well, though there isn’t as much ventilation as I would have liked unless the door is opened – so it would be hot in desert areas without shade.

I rode hard but not extremely so on the ride.  Still need to train more and loose a little weight to go faster.  That will likely be continuing area from  now through the next 200 days of preparation.  I even decided to take the SAG on one day rather than the 115 mile long day.  Kept things relaxed and in vacation mode, though on TDA, expect my threshold for doing a SAG will start much higher.

Relearned the importance of sun-screen.  I didn’t apply on first day until late.  Other days, I did though needed to keep up with worst of the burns.  Also will be important to keep chapstick in my equipment list.

Overall, had a fun ride and group organized ride as a side training and further preparation for TDA 2013 as it slowly gets closer.

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