Where will I be when the countdown runs out?

I have set my initial countdown to end on January 1st, 2013. This is in part since I didn’t yet know the exact day I might leave the USA to start the trip or even the exact day that TDA starts. It has typically started in mid-January and arrived in Capetown in mid-May but individual days might shift.

While I wasn’t quite sure where I’d be on December 31st 2012 as the clock strikes midnight, twelve days ago I got news that made this even more uncertain. AMD will be shutting down the Portland site. Employees don’t yet know (and this post will be embargoed until it is public info or even a little beyond).

There are a few different interesting possibilities that might surface on where to close out 2012 and ring in 2013:

  • I could make my way to Cairo already and prep for the trip there.
  • I could be in the San Francisco Bay area, where we’re told our jobs move once the site closes
  • I could be visiting family in Colorado
  • I could do a last minute tour and final preparation, for example on the Christmas ride in San Diego.  A longer possibility would be Bangkok to Singapore.
  • I could have left AMD early and gone on a longer tour and be at completion of that trip, for example Prudhoe Bay to ?.

Hard to tell ans a bit fun to speculate.  However, while it is still possible I could still be in Portland celebrating the New Year, that probability is now a lot less.

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