400 days

Today marks 400 days before the start of 2013 and TDA.

We’ve now entered our rainy season here in Portland. I’ve gotten less riding in and seems like going backwards in conditioning and picked up some weight. Will be motivated to do best I can over the winter and also think through how to do this next year before TDA starts.

Sometimes wonder if I could “over-achieve” and make bike2013 not just TDA but an additional long ride as well, e.g. Prudhoe to Panama and take an entire year off. If I can get a six-month LOA from AMD, I’ll likely keep the trip to that, but if for some reason that isn’t possible it will be very tempting to make this a longer ride instead.

As we go through the winter here, it is encouraging to see that by time the next 100 days is through TDA 2012 will have started, I will have traveled to Thailand/Cambodia to bicycle and best of all, days will be getting longer again for some further riding and conditioning. Nice to see the days count down.

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